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A1. Where are you located?
Click here for directions and contact information.

2. Are all of your available properties viewable online?
Yes. We upload new properties to our website almost every week and we put all of our available properties online as soon as possible. View those properties here.

3. Why do I get voice mail when I call your office?
Our leasing agents and property managers are frequently out of the office showing a property or inspecting it. We have an automated phone system that answers each and every call, and routes the caller to the appropriate staff member. We are always reachable in the event of an emergency, and our staff members will return your call as soon as possible.

4. I’m a student and I want a house or apartment for the upcoming school year. When is the best time to start the rental process?
We begin to market our student rentals in the fall and winter for leases beginning the following spring and summer. Use the “I am an undergraduate” feature on our search page to see which properties are available as student rentals. We may have additional rentals coming available through out the spring months. For these reasons, check our available listings frequently during those months.

6. I have a pet. Do you have properties that allow pets?
Many of our properties do allow pets. However, the owner must approve your pet prior to moving in. In addition, there may be a pet fee required at the time you sign your lease. Use the “I have a pet” feature on our search page to see which properties indicate a pet policy. If a property description on our website doesn’t specify pets, ask us! If we’re not sure, we’ll check with the owner.

7. I want to rent one of your properties. How do I get started?
The first step is to call our office and schedule a showing. Once you’ve seen the inside of a property and decide you want to rent it, you must fill out an application. Every person who is planning to live in the unit must fill out a separate application and each of you must pay the $85 application fee.

8. I have a roommate. Does he/she need to fill out the application, too?
Yes. Every person who will be living in the unit must fill out a separate application and pay the $85 application fee.

9. I’m moving to Chapel Hill from another town, state, or country. I saw a property on your website that I just love, but I won’t be able to see it in person. Can I fill out an application to rent it anyway?
Unfortunately, no. We will not process an application for a property that you have not been shown. Here’s why: a property may look great in photographs, but there could be many reasons why it may turn out to be unsuitable for your needs. The location may not be just right or you may not like the neighborhood itself. Or there may be small details about the property that, upon closer inspection, don’t appeal to you. If we reserve a property for you and you don’t take it, then we may lose the opportunity to rent it to someone else during that time. That’s unfair to our owners and to others who may want to rent it. We will, however, allow a friend or relative to view the apartment on your behalf.

10. Does filling out an application reserve my property?
It does not. Even if your application has been approved, the property is still available for other people to rent until you sign a lease agreement and provide us with a security deposit. Only upon receipt of both of those items is the property considered “rented.”

11. I’ve filled out an application. How long does it take to be approved?
We check past rent references and perform a credit check on every applicant. This can sometimes take several business days to accomplish. Sometimes landlords don’t call us back immediately, or the website that processes our credit checks may be backlogged. Please be patient. We make every effort to get your application processed as quickly as possible. Remember, we want to get the house rented as badly as you want to rent it! As soon as we have an answer for you, we’ll contact you.

12. Is there anything I can do to speed up the application process?
The best way to ensure a quick answer on your application is to make sure the information you provide is correct and complete. When you submit your application, provide us with your past rental references, complete with up-to-date names, telephone numbers, and fax numbers (if available). The less legwork we have to do to track down inaccurate or missing information, the faster we can process your application.

13. What does the application fee cover?
The fee covers several things, most importantly the cost to perform a credit check. We use a credit reporting service to verify your good credit, and we pay a fee to that company for each applicant processed. The fee also covers our time spent checking your past rental references, and it pays for the paperwork associated with the lease. The fee also guarantees that the applicant is serious about the property, and cuts down on the number of bad or fake applications we receive. This helps keep the application fee low.

14. My application has been approved and I need to sign the lease. What happens next?
A lease will be emailed to you via DocuSign – an electronic signature will be required for each person on the lease. It’s very important that you take the time to read the lease so that you understand what’s expected of you. Remember, the lease is a legally-binding document. Don’t sign it unless you feel certain that you agree with its terms and conditions.

15. What is the lease term for your properties?
The majority of our leases are no less than 11 months, with the option to renew your lease for additional one-year periods. Some of our properties may be available only for one year while the owners are out of the country or working in another state. We also have a few short-term rentals.

16. How much security deposit must I pay?
In most cases, the security deposit is the same as the amount of one month’s rent. In some cases this deposit will be more than one month rent. The amount will be determined after you application has been run. This is due once your application is approved. In most cases, your rental property will not be reserved for you, even if your application is approved, until we receive your security deposit and a signed lease.

17. Can I use my security deposit as my last month’s rent?
We cannot stress enough that your security deposit cannot be used to pay your last month’s rent. It is against North Carolina law for you to do this. Your security deposit is intended to protect the owner of the property against damage caused to the unit during your occupancy. Your monthly rate is a completely separate payment that is due in our office on the first day of each month and is considered late after the fifth day of the month. In fact, if your last month’s rent is not in our office by the 6th of the month, we immediately file court papers to recover that rent.

18. Who is responsible for turning on the utilities when I move in?
You are. We turn off utilities in our name effective on the first date your lease begins. Therefore, it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate utility companies and request that service begin in your name on the first day of your lease. If you do not do this, you may not have utilities on the day you move in.

We recommend that you allow plenty of time for the utility companies to begin furnishing service to your unit. It may take up to several business days for service to begin, particularly during peak seasons or holidays.

If you cannot move in to the unit on the first day your lease begins, you are required to begin utility service on that date. Occasionally, problems or delays occur between the time when we have service turned off in our name, and service begins in your name. If you must have power, heat, water, etc. on a certain date, do not assume the utilities are in place. This is especially critical in the winter, as pipes may freeze and burst if not properly maintained. Double-check with the utility companies to make sure service has begun.

19. Does Louise Beck Properties own the property I want to rent?
This is a common misconception, and the answer is no. Louise Beck Properties is a property management company. Property owners pay us a monthly fee to manage the renting of their houses, condos, and apartment buildings. Therefore, we work for the owners and our first responsibility is to them. We are bound by a property management agreement to act in our owners’ best interests. Louise Beck Properties does not actually own any property.