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1. Where are you located?
Click here for directions and contact information.

2. Why do I get voice mail when I call your office?
Our leasing agents and property managers are frequently out of the office showing properties or inspecting them. This happens more frequently during the busiest rental season (May, June, July, August). We have an automated telephone system that answers all calls and routes them to the appropriate staff member. We are always reachable in the event of an emergency. Otherwise, please leave a message on voice mail and be patient. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

3. I have a maintenance emergency!!
Read our maintenance page.

4. I need to request non-emergency maintenance. How do I do that?
Read our maintenance page.

5. When is my rent due?
Rent is due and payable in our office on the 1st day of each month. It is considered late after the 5th day of each month. After the 5th day, you will be charged a late-rent fee of 5% of one month’s rent amount. If you mail your check to our office, allow 10 days to be sure it arrives on time. You may also bring your rent payment directly to our office during normal business hours. We also have a locked drop box near our front door if you are dropping off your check after hours.

6. Do you accept cash rental payments?
We do not accept cash rental payments. You must pay by check or money order. This is for our protection, and for yours. Keeping cash on our premises has grown increasingly dangerous. In addition, it is harder to track cash payments and ensure they are credited appropriately to your account each month.

7. Can I pay my rent on line?
Yes you can. You may pay your rent online using electronic checks through your tenant portal. We DO NOT accept credit or debit cards on line, at the office or over the telephone. Cash is not accepted.

8. Is it true that if one roommate can’t pay his/her rent, then everyone on the lease can be penalized?
Absolutely. When you and your roommates sign your lease, you agree to pay a specified total monthly amount for the property. If one of your roommates can’t pay his/her share, and we are forced to begin court proceedings to recover his/her rent, the court proceedings involve everyone in the home. All of your names are on the lease; therefore, all of you are equally responsible.

9. Why do I have to fill out the Move-In Inspection form?
Before you move in to your rental house, you’re provided with a Move-In Inspection Form. This form is for your protection! The form is a record of any existing damage to the house when you take possession and serves as proof that you didn’t cause the damage. The form must be returned to us within ten days of your occupancy or it is invalid. If you didn’t receive the form when you picked up your keys or misplaced it, you may pick up another form in our office. We can also fax or e-mail you a new one, or you may download one here.

10. Who is responsible for turning on the utilities when I move in?
You are. We turn off utilities in our name effective on the first date your lease begins. Therefore, it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate utility companies and request that service begin in your name on the first day of your lease. If you do not do this, you may not have utilities on the day you move in.

We recommend that you allow plenty of time for the utility companies to begin furnishing service to your unit. It may take up to several business days for service to begin, particularly during peak seasons or holidays.

If you cannot move in to the unit on the first day your lease begins, you must begin utility service on that date. Occasionally, problems or delays occur between the time when we have service turned off in our name, and service begins in your name. If you must have power, heat, water, etc. on a certain date, do not assume the utilities are in place. This is especially important in winter, when pipes may freeze and burst if not properly maintained. Double-check with the utility companies to make sure service has begun.

11. Who is responsible for yard maintenance?
Check your lease agreement to see if you are responsible for yard upkeep or if the owner has furnished yard maintenance as part of your monthly rental amount. If you need a copy of your lease, call a leasing agent, at (919) 401-9300 x. 100 or e-mail rent@louisebeckproperties.com.

12. I would like to paint/alter my unit in some way. Do I need approval to do this?
Yes. You must receive written approval from Louise Beck Properties before changing or altering the unit in any way, including painting. Otherwise, you could be held financially responsible for putting the unit back as it was when you moved in. Also, before you install any sort of fixture (Window Unit A/C, ceiling fans, etc.), check with us first. North Carolina Real Estate Law has strict guidelines determining who owns a fixture once it has been permanently attached to the house. Email one of our property managers for more information.

13. Do I need renter’s insurance?
Your lease requires that you have renter’s insurance to protect you. Our owners carry insurance on the building that you live in, but their insurance does not protect your personal property or liability. Renter’s insurance is inexpensive and very easy to get; your car insurance company most likely offers this coverage.

14. I want to move out before my lease period has expired. Can I do this?
Read our Change of tenant Page, or our Early marketing page.

15. Do I need to provide written notice that I’m moving out, even if my lease has expired?
Yes. Depending on the type of lease or property that you’re renting, you must provide us your notice to vacate through your tenant portal per your lease terms. In many instances, that notice must be received at least 90 days before the end of your lease. See our page on Moving Out for more information. Some properties designated by LBP as student rentals may require Tenants to make renewal/move-out decisions in the fall of each year for the next academic year.

16. Do I have to let you show the house to prospective renters?
Yes. In order for us to re-rent the house as soon as possible after you’ve decided to move out, you are required to allow a member of our staff or a licensed real estate agent to accompany prospective renters into the house, as long as they have an appointment to do so. You may not unreasonably impede the showing process. We realize showings can be inconvenient, and we will work with you to make the process as easy as possible.

17. How do I make sure I get all of my security deposit back?
It’s very simple. The unit must not be damaged and must be clean when you leave it. We understand that “clean” means different things to different people, so we’ve provided a Moving Out page where you can find information on what we expect in order to give you a full refund of your security deposit.

18. When will the security deposit be returned?
The security deposit will be returned to the “Primary Tenant” within 60 days of your lease end date and receipt of ALL keys. The property will not be considered vacated until all keys are turned in to our office. You can speed up the process by providing us with a forwarding address. See our Moving Out page for more details.

19. Can I use my security deposit as my last month’s rent?
No. We cannot stress enough that your security deposit cannot be used to pay your last month’s rent.
It is against North Carolina law for you to do this . Your security deposit is intended to protect the owner of the property against damage caused to the unit during your occupancy. Your monthly rate is a completely separate payment that is due in our office on the 1st day of each month and is considered late after the 5th day of the month. In fact, if your last month’s rent is not in our office by the 6th of the month, we immediately file court papers to recover that rent. If you have questions about this policy, we encourage you to email our property managers, to discuss it.

20. Does Louise Beck Properties own the property I live in?
This is a common misconception, and the answer is no. Louise Beck Properties is a property management company. Property owners pay us a monthly fee to manage the renting of their houses, condos, and apartment buildings. Therefore, we work for the owners and our first responsibility is to them. We are bound by a property management agreement to act in our owners’ best interests. Louise Beck Properties does not actually own any property.