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Management Testimonials

“Louise Beck Properties was instrumental in locating and purchasing suitable investment rental property for me in Chapel Hill. They knew the hot areas and the right questions to ask, and I’m extremely satisfied with the results. I feel comfortable knowing that Louise Beck Properties will manage the properties for me once the purchase is complete. As a plus, if I decide to divest in the future, they can quickly and easily sell property for me since the staff are already very familiar with it.”

Gregg I., Chapel Hill, NC

“Louise Beck Properties has managed my properties for many years and I trust them completely. The staff does a terrific job of finding and keeping tenants for me, as well as handling the inevitable headaches, both small and large, that go hand-in-hand with managing rental property.”

James A., Chapel Hill, NC

“After years working with another local company I switched to Louise Beck Properties; What a difference! Online account access, proactive management, and responsive staff. My rents were up an average of 15% in just a year and a half! You’re losing money if you’re not working with Louise Beck Properties.”

Russ G., Chapel Hill, NC

“When my family and I moved to France, we decided to use Louise Beck Properties to manage our property in Chapel Hill. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that every aspect of communicating with each member of the staff could be handled electronically and with an extremely rapid turnaround. I downloaded all of the necessary management forms from their website and confirmed all of the arrangements via e-mail. I did all of this without ever having to speak with anyone on the telephone!”

Robert S., Sauvignon, France

“Recently my wife and I decided to sell a few of the rental properties that Louise Beck Properties managed for us. The process could not have been easier: with one phone call they had the properties on the sales market within a couple of days and at the right price. Our properties sold quickly.”

Dino C., Chapel Hill, NC

“When my job took me out of state, I was concerned with leaving my house in the hands of a property management company. I am thankful that I chose Louise Beck Properties, as it has proved to be the right decision. My house was rented quickly to a qualified tenant and the service that I have received from the entire Louise Beck Properties team has been a pleasant experience. Whenever I decide to sell I will certainly look to them to help me with this.”

Amy, Chapel Hill, NC


“Louise Beck Properties has been a dream to work with. I’m sorry to be moving to a place they don’t manage. I couldn’t hasve asked for a better experience. If Ms. Beck owned a Monopoly board it would be a joy to land on boardwalk. Thanks for everything.”

Scott L, Chapel Hill, NC