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LBP Management Team

Will Brenizer, Business Development: Will assists homeowners who engage our property management services. He tours each property and makes recommendations to owners regarding the condition, potential rental rates and market conditions. Will continues to assist owners during the set up process. Will is also a licensed Broker. Contact Will at (919) 401-9300 x 122 or will@louisebeckproperties.com

Lynne Trauberman, Leasing Director, Broker in Charge (BIC): Lynne oversees the leasing department. Lynne acts as an intermediary in lease negotiations between prospects and owners. Lynne advises owners on market conditions, rental rates, and on how to make homes more appealing to potential tenants. Lynne supervises the screening process to determine prospective tenant’s eligibility for leasing, including confirming rental application data and rental references. Contact Lynne at (919) 401-9300 x 100 or lynne@louisebeckproperties.com

Philip Guin, Managing Director: Philip leads the company’s long-term strategic direction while maintaining involvement in ongoing operations and acquisitions. Since acquiring his real estate license, Philip has focused his career specifically on Residential Property Management paralleling Louise Beck Properties’ specialization in asset management for single family home rental portfolios. Philips vision for Louise Beck Properties is to continue to surpass industry standard in property management by leading the LBP team in providing experienced, responsive, and quality service. Contact Philip at (919) 401-9300 x 101 or philip@louisebeckproperties.com

Adam Brown, Advisor: Adam began investing in residential rental property in the early 2000’s, prior to assuming the helm of Louise Beck Properties, Inc. in 2007. Adam pulls from his experience as a nuclear Submarine Officer where attention to detail, organization, and error free results were paramount. Adam holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Duke University, a Masters of Engineering Management from Old Dominion, and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. He is a past president of the Greater Chapel Hill Association of Realtors, as well as a licensed Broker. Adam is not involved in the day to day operations of the company, but does hold an advisory position with the firm.

Louise Beck, Advisor: In 1990 Louise Beck began managing rental properties with her own real estate investment portfolio. Soon she began assisting colleagues, friends, and family with their management needs. Louise was born and raised in North Carolina and has been a Realtor for over 30 years, serving the greater parts of the Triangle.


Property Management Department

The Property Management Department is responsible for the day to day management of our inventory. They field requests from tenants, approve work orders, schedule vendors, and coordinate maintenance. They manage property inspections, including annual inspections, move-out inspections, and pre-move-in inspections. They manage the preparation of properties between tenants. Lease renewals are also handled by the Property Management team. They are the point of contact for Home Owners Associations.

Sarah Ward, Maintenance Director: (919) 401-9300 x 105 or sarah@louisebeckproperties.com

Betsy Benedict, Portfolio Manager: (919) 401-9300 x 115 or betsy@louisebeckproperties.com

Kyle Bement, Portfolio Manager: (919) 401-9300 x 116 or kyle@louisebeckproperties.com

Brandon Sylvester, Property Management Associate: (919) 401-9300 x 119 or brandon@louisebeckproperties.com

Jason Gramata, Field Operations: (919) 401-9300 x 111 or jason@louisebeckproperties.com


Leasing Department

The Leasing Department is responsible for assisting prospects in leasing a suitable property. This includes responding to rental inquiries, coordinating showings, processing applications, negotiating lease terms, and writing leases. The leasing department also oversees the administrative duties of the Louise Beck Properties office.

Lynne Trauberman, Leasing Director: (919) 401-9300 x100 or lynne@louisebeckproperties.com

Andrew Bennett, Senior Leasing Associate: (919) 401-9300 x 121 or andrew@louisebeckproperties.com

Marva Norwood, Leasing Associate: (919) 401-9300 x 123 or marva@louisebeckproperties.com

Kirsten Boleyn, Leasing Associate: (919) 401-9300 x 124 or kirsten@louisebeckproperties.com


Marketing Department

In addition to marketing properties that are available for lease, the marketing department promotes and maintains the Louise Beck Properties brand through web and traditional channels. Individual property listings include comprehensive photographs, detailed descriptions, and accurate information for our extensive web-based advertising. The Marketing team also maintains the Louise Beck Properties website.

Marian Kirk, Marketing Director: (919) 401-9300 x 103 or marian@louisebeckproperties.com

Alex Cathcart, Marketing Associate: (919) 401-9300 x 107 alex@louisebeckproperties.com

Christopher Pickett, Marketing Associate: (919) 401-9300 x 109 christopher@louisebeckproperties.com


Administrative Staff

Grace Marroquin: Our bookkeeper oversees posting rent, preparing monthly owner checks and owner statements, and handling account-related correspondence. The bookkeeper also manages HOA and vendor payments. (919) 401-9300 x 112 or grace@louisebeckproperties.com

Kandice Jenkins: Office Adminsistrator, (919) 401-9300 x 117, kandice@louisebeckproperties.com

Justin Kirk: Administrative Support Specialist, (919) 401-9300 x 110, justin@louisebeckproperties.com

Seasonal Personnel: Additional support personnel are employed during our busiest seasons – the student rental season in late fall and winter, and the primary rental season in late spring and summer. These seasonal employees provide additional assistance in all departments.