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Local Business and Community Growth

  In the heart of Chapel Hill, a town celebrated for its vibrant community and entrepreneurial spirit, stands Louise Beck Properties. We are a property management firm that has become a cornerstone of local business partnership and community development. With over two decades of dedicated service, Louise Beck Properties has consistently set a benchmark for […]

Maximizing Recovery: Advantages of a Local Water Restoration Expert

Experiencing water damage in your residential or commercial property can indeed be a daunting ordeal, necessitating immediate action to restore your space to its pre-damage state. Amid this urgency, choosing a water restoration service becomes a pivotal decision that significantly impacts the effectiveness of the restoration process. While the allure of large, national brands is […]

Maximizing Your Investment: Benefits of Professional Property Management in Chapel Hill

Investing in single-family homes in Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas offers promising financial rewards, especially as your property portfolio expands. However, managing multiple properties can become increasingly complex. This is where the expertise of a Local Property Management Team in Chapel Hill comes into play. Effective property management is crucial for investors with several […]

Fed Rate hikes return average US long-term mortgage rates to mid-2000’s levels

CHAPEL HILL, NC – U.S. mortgage rates experienced another upwards bump last week, reaching just under 7.00%. We haven’t seen these levels since the mid-2000’s.  This and future increases continues to put pressure on potential homebuyers and investors. Folks have been struggling with the rapid rise in interest rates combined with a still limited number […]

Should My Tenants Be Responsible for Lawn Care?

House with grass in front in focus

If you own investment property in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area, it’s safe to assume that you want to keep it looking nice. A well-maintained yard adds curb appeal, keeps the neighbors happy, and contributes to the health and wellness of your tenants.  But who should bear the responsibility of maintaining this outdoor area: the tenant or the landlord? […]

4 Things Every Real Estate Investor Should Be Doing

Inside of house with large windows

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Investing in real estate is a great way to make some extra money, but not every investor works as optimally as they can. There are a few things every real estate investor should be doing to maximize their profits while minimizing stress, so read on! Planning Many investors’ first mistake is that […]

Fed increases to Mortgage rates will slow home sales, But All Is Not Bleak Experts Say

House made of folded 100 dollar bills

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Following the Federal Reserve’s decision to hike its key benchmark by 75 basis points in an attempt to lower crippling inflation gripping the United States and head off a possible recession, interest rates for home mortgages have been steadily increasing after having hit record lows during the COVID-19 pandemic; that, combined […]

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