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Moving Out

We'll miss you! We're excited for your next adventure.

Whether you’re trading houses, graduating, switching jobs, or any other reason, we wish you all the best!
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Make your move easier

Follow the steps provided below for a smooth move. 

1. Read the lease and provide notice

Tell us you’re moving before your deadline. Make sure you have read your lease carefully and have provided the required notice to vacate through your Tenant Portal.

2. Security deposit

The tenant portal will give you an opportunity to provide your forwarding address which is where your security deposit will be mailed. The security deposit check will be made out to the “Primary Tenant”. If you have a question regarding the “Primary Tenant”, please contact our office.

3. Use our move-out checklist as a guide

Print the move-out checklist on the Documents and Forms page and use it as a guide to ensure you leave the property in good condition and receive all of your security deposit back. If you have any questions, give us a call.

4. Provide us with a copy of carpet cleaning receipt

If applicable, be sure to provide a copy of your carpet cleaning receipt. Remember, the carpet must be cleaned by Chemdry of Chapel Hill/Durham. Our partnership also provides our tenants with 10% off. Failure to provide a receipt will likely result in a carpet cleaning deduction from your security deposit.

5. Turn in all your keys to our office

Remember, rent continues until you turn in ALL of your keys/fobs/passes and remotes, regardless of whether you’ve completely moved out.

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