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Early Marketing Program

Have to move before your Lease expires?

We understand life happens and we can help with our Early Marketing Program. We’ll market your property alongside the rest of our inventory and help you search for a qualified tenant to assume your lease.

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How Early Marketing Works

A brief overview is below, call us for more information.

1. Paying rent and other obligations of your lease

Remember, you are still responsible for the rent and other obligations of the Lease until the day the new tenant moves in.

2. Vacating and costs

You must vacate the home at least 1 week prior to the new tenant moving in so that we can take care of the turnover items (touch up paint, cleaning, etc.). You will be responsible for the cost of turnover items, including normal wear-and-tear items, so we encourage you to do as much preparation as possible on your own.

3. Payment for the program

Our fee for the program is $950 or half of a month’s rent – whichever is greater, to participate in the Early Marketing Program. Download the Early Marketing Agreement from the link below.

4. Help us help you!

We’ll find a replacement tenant faster if your house is sparkling clean when we show the home. We will notify you of showings so you can plan ahead of time. 

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