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If you own investment property in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area, it’s safe to assume that you want to keep it looking nice. A well-maintained yard adds curb appeal, keeps the neighbors happy, and contributes to the health and wellness of your tenants.  But who should bear the responsibility of maintaining this outdoor area: the tenant or the landlord?

The tenant lives on the property, but the property manager owns the space.

You can see both sides of the debate. But if you leave this aspect ambiguous, you run the risk of nobody taking care of it.

How to Avoid Ambiguity

Rather than leave maintenance to chance or create misunderstandings without setting clear expectations, clarify this topic upfront. Louise Beck Properties will confirm whether you wish to provide lawncare for your property, and market and lease to reflect this preference.  Typically, ‘lawn care’ covers the basic weekly/biweekly services needed, such as mowing and blowing. Some tenants may think that if they must maintain the lawn, they’ll receive a discount on rent. Therefore, it’s important to set this expectation up front.

Benefits of Tenants Yard Maintenance Responsibilities

When tenants take responsibility for a yard surrounding their rental, they feel a greater sense of pride. They may not own the property itself, but wow, it looks good because of them!  Landlords should love this. Tenants will often keep better care of it than owners by adding it to their weekly chores. Having a tenant do self-service maintenance would also cost far less than hiring a lawn service company. If lawncare is expected to be a tenant responsbility, this would be a consideration in the marketing rental rate.

Benefits of Property Owner Covering Lawn Care
While self-service lawn care has become an industry standard, the results aren’t always satisfactory. Sometimes, for example, even the tenants with the best intentions, cannot properly handle all these tasks. Or their standards don’t match those of the owners.  In some cases, the time, effort and expense that an owner has invested in their landscaping is unlikely to be maintained by a tenant and therefore engaging a professional to be certain that your work is kept up is preferable.

Hybrid Approach

This is most typically the arrangement when lawncare is established as a tenant obligation.  They will handle the mowing, leaf blowing, and snow removal while the annual services such as bush/hedge trimming, mulching, and overseeding to name a few are handled by a provider that will ensure that these items are performed professionally.

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